On Battling Discontentment

In the past, I have really struggled with contentment, even though I had not realized it until lately. Several times I thought about how I wished this or that in my life would change.

 I was getting bored with school, chores, and other trivial things. I couldn’t understand why, because I have always loved school and taking care of my jurisdictions in our home.

I was experiencing discontentment at its finest. I can see now that God had been trying to show me for some time, but I had been too busy wishing for change that I wasn’t paying attention. I missed the bigger picture! He wanted me to rely on Him!

 Jesus wanted me to lay my discontented spirit at His feet, and place all other things aside. He wanted me to have a servant’s heart, and through contentment in Jesus, I am now excited for new things headed in my direction, and I have learned to enjoy every moment- even the little things.

 Since I laid that discontentment down, new opportunities have been coming my way.  It is incredible what the grace of God will do if you simply listen and obey.

 When I begin to feel discontentment creeping in, I take those feelings and talk to Jesus, and through His grace, I am humbled and restored.

 For His Glory,


Tuesday Talks

Good Morning! I hope today finds you well! Today is Tuesday Talks at Stay-At-Home Daughters.

My review for today is for The Eden String Quartet: Bountiful Blessings, filmed  and released by Franklin Springs Media. This wonderful documentary follows the life of 4 girls who have formed a string quartet, and about how their family was forever influenced by Jesus. This comes not only with the documentary, but a full concert! Being a lover of stringed instruments myself, I especially loved that! I would HIGHLY recommend this film. Your entire family will enjoy it!

This is the description:

“Give your family a gift that extols the virtues of godly discipline, virtuous womanhood, melodious music, and family heritage. This new release DVD will encourage your family by telling the remarkable story of faithfulness in the Miller family.

Their road to becoming accomplished musicians has been anything but ordinary. Join the Miller sisters Megan (23), Krista (22), Leah(18), and Therese (16) on the fascinating journey from their family’s cattle ranch to their distinction as an outstanding stringed quartet.

The beneficiaries of a multi-generational vision for God-honoring family, the Millers encourage, entertain, and inspire an appreciation of hymns and classical music — and for the building of families that honor the Lord.

A Bountiful Blessing Features a full-length concert of classical music (Mozart, Bach, Pachelbel and Vivaldi), hymns, and the documentary story of an extraordinary family. Duration: 66 mins. Includes Bonus Features.”

For more great reviews, you can visit Stay-At-Home Daughters!!!!


Tuesday Talks!

Today is Tuesday Talks hosted by Stay-At-Home Daughters.


I am reviewing the 1999 “Sense and Sensibility” movie.


This movie was ok….. it was really hard to follow the storyline in this one. Unlike the newer “Pride and Prejudice” movie with Kiera Knightley, this movie was sort of boring. I didn’t like very many of the casting choices either- they seemed out of character for me.

There were some really funny scenes, and some sweet ones as well, but it just wasn’t my favorite.

So I have a question for you- is there another version of “Sense and Sensibility” that is better?

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The Ron Paul Newsletter – February 18, 2008

The DC neocons think their old dream is about to come true. They think they can defeat me in the Republican congressional primary in Texas on March 4th. And you know what? They may be right.

My opponent, who describes himself as a traditional conservative, is a dedicated servitor of all the special interests who have given us the disaster of recent years, from unconstitutional wars to a looming recession, from huge deficits to massive new welfare programs.

A Republican operative allied with the worst forces in DC recently said: “Give what you can [to Ron Paul’s opponent]. Ron Paul is running scared — using his Presidential campaign’s donors’ money to subsidize a desperate last-minute attempt to save his Congressional seat.”

That is a lie, of course. It is illegal to use presidential campaign donations in my congressional race. The congressional campaign has to stand on its own. But so far, we have raised only about a third of what a well-funded effort would need.

In my 10 terms in Congress, I have not only been able to serve my constituents, and help them, for example, negotiate federal red-tape. I have also been able to defend our principles of less spending, lower taxes, no inflation, and strict adherence to the Constitution. Some people in DC laugh at the idea that I should obey my oath of office, and ask first of any proposed legislation, is it constitutional? But I know that you share my support for the vision of the framers.

My friend Congressmen Wayne Gilchrest (R-Maryland) was just defeated in his primary election by a neocon fraud similar to the one I face. My friend Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) is under heavy pressure as well. People like our hand-picked opponents will do anything to gain and keep power. They represent everything that is wrong with DC.

If I am defeated in the upcoming congressional primary, our ideas will be held to have been defeated as well. It will be proclaimed from the rooftops in DC that such “ridiculous and outmoded notions” as the free market, sound money, personal liberty, limited government, and a pro-American foreign policy are through.

I am determined not to let this happen. All that you and I believe in is far too important to the future of our country, and to everyone and everything we love, to let the neocons dance on its grave.

Please, help me stop the lies, the distortions, the pressure groups, the special interests that benefit from DC rip-offs. There is still time to run radio and tv ads, to set up phone banks, to get out the vote. But unless you help, my reelection to Congress may be in jeopardy. Please help me return to Congress to fight for the people of my district, and for the ideas that can save our country from the path to trouble we are now on.

I hesitated to ask you, since you have already done so much. But my wife Carol said, “When you need help, you ask your best friends.” So I do ask you, to hold out your hand in support.

Please give today http://www.ronpaulforcongress.com, as generously and as quickly as you can.



This is a email we received from the Ron Paul campaign today. Please take a stand for liberty!


Monday Musings – Enjoying Everyday Moments

Hello to all of you! I hope that your weekend was refreshing and blessed!

Yesterday, I woke up to to a somewhat rainy day. I simply just listened and watched the raindrops rolling down my window, and reflected on what a precious gift God has given us with rain. No two raindrops look alike, and every rainstorm has its own unique features. I said a silent prayer thanking Him for this sweet and wonderful gift, and went on with my day.

I never realized how many little moments can slip through your hand if you are not paying attention, or how lovely these little moments can be.

I find that I have several of these moments everyday, whether I realize it or not.

Somtimes it is the beautiful sunset, the baby’s sweet little smile, a little hand held in mine. Perhaps it is little Emma (who is 2), singing her cute little songs, or maybe it is watching viewmaster reels with your family on Friday nights.

It is so important that we do not take life for granted. On any moment, things can change so fast- we do not have forever.

Do you have an “Everyday Moment” to share? Leave a comment below!

Wishing you a lovely Monday!

Thursday Thoughts

Good afternoon to all of you! I hope this Thursday finds you well. :)

Today we have been working on various projects, including some online work and the normal routines of chores, school, and other misc. projects.

It is lovely outside today. We were able to hang some laundry out and it seems to be drying!

Yesterday, we got a light dusting of snow on our porch because it was so cold! It stayed in the 20’s and 30’s, and is at 72 outside right now! You have to love the southern weather! :)

I came across this great quote a few days ago:

“Life is far too short for hurrying along- we really should take more time to enjoy the roses.” ~Anonymous

How true this is! I feel sorry for everyone who hurries along all the time. I love the simple things in life. The moment of quiet comtemplation on the wonder of God’s handiwork outside, the sweet smiles all around me, the joy of reading a book or enjoying a hot cup of coffee. We will never get this time back- it is so important that we focus on the truly important things in life. I encourage you today, to do something simple and yet sweet. Take a walk, read a book to your child or sibling, try a new recipe, enjoy a nice cup of tea. These are the things that you will remember.

Prayer Requests:
Please remember our Aunt Linda, she has been having a hard time medically lately.

Scripture Meditation
Psalm 34:8
“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. “


Proverbs 17:1
“Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife.”

Have a wonderful day!


EDITED TO ADD! The modest swimwear links are up on the Just For Young Ladies page. Be sure to take a look!

Monday Musings – On Swimwear…

I had someone ask me what my stand on swim suits were as far as what was modest and what is not. So, I decided this would be a perfect time to write an article on just what I believed about modest swimwear.

I do not wear any two piece swim suits, unless they are the kinds that have skirts and shorts or leggings. I most certainly do not wear swimming suits that look like underwear. I do not wear the tank top version either. I want to be able to glorify God with everything that I am wearing, not just my regular clothes, therefore, I began to look for more options than what was available locally to me. 

 My Mom and I decided on a swimming suit that looks like a 1 piece with capped sleeves, shorts, and a skirt that comes to knee length. It is very pretty and extremely modest as well. In the coming weeks, I will add a modest swimwear section to my “Just For Young Ladies” section.  

If you are stuggling about what is modest and what is not in the swim suit realm, I would highly encourage you to read “Christian Modesty and The Public Undressing of America”. This was quite the book, telling the real reasons swim suits are designed the way they are today, and how they came to be.

I highly encourage you to take the time to evaluate your wardrobe. Is your clothing honoring to God, or supporting the ungodly worldview that is held today?

 Wishing you a lovely day,


Thursday Thoughts

Hello friend! 

It is a lovely Thursday! What a wonderful day!

 Over the weekend, we purchased and mounted a couple of bird feeders on our porch. Since then, we have seen many lovely birds, both in our yard and eating in the bird feeders. Birds are so nice to watch. I took a few pictures to share with you:



Each one is so unique, even the same types of birds look totally different. I have seen atleast 3 bird “couples” in our midst this week, and although they are pretty, I believe my favorite types of birds are blue jays and tufted titmice. They are such lovely birds.

 Do you have a favorite bird?

We hung our first load of laundry outside today- it seems to be drying really well! (Yes, it is still February! :) )  I love the smell of clothes that have been hung out to dry!

Winter is my favorite season, because I love colder weather more than that EXTREMELY hot summer we are blessed with down here! :) , although I must admit, I am looking forward to Spring! :)

Wishing you a lovely, blessed day!

Why I Support Ron Paul

I have never really considered myself to be a fan of politics. The news was boring, it seemed as if the candidates were always fighting, and that our government has too much control over the US. I have never really seen a candidate that I support as much as  Dr. Ron Paul .

My interest started quite some time ago, at a meeting featuring the “Patriot Pastor”Garret Lear speak on government and issues that are effecting our government today. It was then that he spoke of being good friends with a Dr. Ron Paul. This was the first time I had ever heard of Dr. Paul, and I tucked the name in the back of my mind to research later.

 Fast forward 2-3 weeks. I begin to hear my parents talk about Dr. Paul. At this time, my curiousity was getting the better of me. I then began to research Dr. Paul, and realized that he was following the constitution to the letter. He is more commonly known as Dr. No, because he votes against any un-constitutional congress bills.

The more I read, the more I realized that Dr. Paul would restore America if he was given the chance. The IRS would be gone. The Gold Standard would be re-instated (meaning that the government is not spending money they don’t have) and the list goes on and on.

 Ron Paul is for homeschooling, the government taking its proper place, gun ownership, stopping un-constitutional taxes, shutting down the IRS- and so much more.

 I encourage you to vote and support Dr. Paul.

As for my family, My parents are Precinct Leaders for our area. My brother and I have succesfully handed out over 200 flyers in our neighborhood. We have a Ron Paul sign in our front yard- proudly proclaiming to the world that we are standing up for the constitution. What about you?

 I am going to finish this posting with a writing of my Father’s:

                                                                             The Patriot-Statesman

I sat in shock as I watched an alleged ‘debate’ take place on CNN January 30th. What surprised me most, was the painfully obvious lack of respect given to the candidate Ron Paul.The transcript of the debate can be found here .

I watched in amazement, as time and time again, he was ignored and interrupted by the moderator, Anderson Cooper. During the course of the ‘debate’ Ron Paul was not permitted to finish some sentences, instead being assured that he would be permitted to speak after more questions were asked. But, surprise, that time did not come for Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul deserved to be heard in a fair and unbiased forum. We as voters deserved to hear what all the candidates had to say in that debate. Then, and only then, can we make an intelligent, informed decision.

It seems as if there are those who are determined to keep Dr. Paul silent in the established media. I will speak on his behalf, anywhere and everywhere. I speak for the cause of liberty. Real liberty. Not some ‘pie-in-the-sky’ wordplay. Real liberty.

Our founding fathers were brilliant men. They understood that a big, all powerful government means the end of liberty for the people. Ron Paul knows this too. That is the heart of his message. It is so simple that I believe those in the media cannot or choose not to understand it.

Since Ron Paul will not be receiving a fair shake in the mainstream media, I challenge you to take the time and the effort to hear what Ron Paul has to say on the real issues. Read the blogs, visit his website, most important of all…read the constitution. What it has to say about the office of the president, the congress and the supreme court may shock or surprise you. Especially if you look at what we have in place, relative to what the document says we should have.

I have, for many years, been a supporter of the proper interpretation of the most brilliantly written document in our nation’s history: the Constitution of the United States of America. In today’s political landscape, the Constitution is all but ignored. All three of the branches of the federal government have overstepped their legal bounds and taken power that they should not have. Ron Paul has declared “no more!” to this and wants to lead the way back to what the founders intended two centuries ago.

I think this scares some. You see, the original intent of the government was to stay of out the way of Americans’ lives. Those who love and crave power would have something to lose if one like Ron Paul were to win. This fear of the truth is the real motivation of the ‘gag-order’ tactics like I witnessed during the January 30th debate. It would be laughable, if it were not so sad.

I do my best to give ‘due diligence’ in the investigation of a potential candidate. I explore their writings, their speeches, and if applicable, their voting records. I know that I only get one vote. I always want it to count.

In the list of candidates for the 2008 presidential election cycle, I was sadly surprised to find only one candidate who has not waivered in their committment to those who elected them. That candidate is Ron Paul. What I find in his record is very simple. If a piece of legislation that comes before him is constitutional, he votes ‘yes.’ If the piece of legislation is not constitutional, he votes ‘no.’ He has no political axe to grind, no special interests to which he must answer. He just does his job that the people he represents elected him to do. That is a true statesman.

Please, please, please prayerfully consider for whom you intend to vote. The gift of liberty is far too precious a jewel to be thrown away on just another run-of-the-mill politician.

I don’t care what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, or CBS tells me to do.

I will be voting for the true patriot-statesman.

I will be voting for Ron Paul.

Thank you for your time- Paul.

Thanks so much for listening!