Sara at Simply Sanctified passed the “You Make My Day” award to me. I am so honored to have been chosen for this award, and so very surprised! Thank you Sara! You are so sweet! : )

I am supposed to pass this along to six bloggers who “Make My Day”.

Let’s see….

My Mom @ Lines From The Vine who makes my day EVERY day, no matter what. (Hi Mom!)

~Simply~ @ Simply Stork who has the most beautiful pictures- I could look at them for hours!

My new penpal McKenzie @ Pecan Pastures

The other girls, Flibby and Poppy @ Stay-At-Home Daughters.

Autumn and Jade @ Handmaidens With A Mission.

and finally, Bethany @ Blogging Beth.

Thanks for “Making My Day” ladies! God bless, and thanks to Sara again!