…Latest Happenings…

So, we have been busy very busy *extremely* busy lately! Time seems to be flying by these days.

I thought I might share a little “photo blog” to let you in on a glimpse of what my family and I have been up to over the last couple of weeks!

I’ve been attending reading days at the library with the littles:

Helping throw baby showers at our church:

Reading good books:

Celebrating Darby’s 1st birthday:

and Matthew’s 13th birthday:

Did I mention that I have been taking a *lot* of photos lately?? (Jessica snapped this one at a baby shower I was photographing recently.)

I’ve also been editing a lot of pictures that I haven’t had time to get to until the last couple of weeks. Here are a few:

Dad’s graduation:

The “missing teeth” mini-session:

and a few random snapshots:

We’ve been washing dishes:

Running errands:

Baking cakes:

and cupcakes:

and of course, I mustn’t forget….. drinking lots of coffee:


I can honestly say, while we have been busy and haven’t had much time to “slow down” for a bit, God has been good and has allowed us to continue to see His hand at work, even in the little things. He has provided some amazing answers to prayer (one of which, I’ll elaborate on a bit more in a future post! =] ) and shown us other places that we need to work on. We are truly blessed. =]