ever so slowly, life is beginning to return to a more regular routine. As I watch the seasons change, so I can see this “season” in our life changing as well.

Things are beginning to slow down….they are becoming more peaceful. I can tell we are all taking time to enjoy the little things once more.

This grasshopper brightened my day yesterday. I’m not sure how he found his way into our family room, but there he is:

I think he is a rather cute grasshopper, and he has good taste: he was hanging out on bookshelves, meaning that he is a lover of books, of course. =D

I did a photography mini-session for the first time in months. It was so nice to go out and do what I love to do- capturing the little moments. The sacred, special moments… the ones that come and go so quickly you might miss them in the simple blink of an eye. I had the cutest subject ever:

And I’m not the least biased, as you can probably tell. =]

Since I’ve been getting up earlier over the last several weeks, I’m usually outside by 6:25-45 a.m. or so, and have been blessed to watch a good bit of the sunrise nearly every day while picking veggies and tending my little herb garden. It has been absolutely lovely to watch:

God is good, all the time. Count your blessings one by one….

~Miss Courtney

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