Moments of quiet contemplation in the scriptures. Rain dripping down the windows. Children laughing as they play. “In The Mood” playing softly from the next room while a few of my siblings are doing their morning chores. The bowl of freshly picked tomatoes grown right in our yard. The drip-drip-drip of the coffee making it’s way into the coffee pot for my morning Cup o’ Joe. The goofy text message exchange I had with one of my brothers when he made it to work this morning. The clean laundry pile slowly increasing as we work through the ever-growing mountain of dirty laundry. Our cats purring contentedly on the porch while they watch the rain. The way our lake looks when the wind gets particularly gusty. The sweet smell of honeysuckle and gardenias blowing through the breeze. Making progress on home improvement projects that had been put off for a bit. Phone calls being made. Travel plans being finalized for an upcoming trip. Finding my favorite pair of glasses where I had misplaced them. Listening to the dishwasher running to be ready for lunch prep, and of course, more dirty dishes. =] Sweet emails from friends. To-do lists being accomplished. My sister singing to the baby while he smiles adoringly at her. The many books being read and letters being written.

This is my home. I’m so blessed to have been placed in this family. <3

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