From my heart…

Where is the joy, Lord?

This has been a prayer- a question I have been asking for many, many weeks. I’ve felt so broken. So lost. In some ways, overwhelmed with sadness, grief and despair.

As I’ve been praying over the last several days, the Lord has been sending me encouragement through a variety of ways. He has used my parents, a few trusted friends and a book, “One Thousand Gifts”, to completely change my heart.

He has been showing me that I am not truly thankful for the many ways He has blessed me.

I sat down two evenings ago and finally began to journal our journey since the end of January. I wasn’t expecting to cry through the process, but as I began to write, it’s almost as if the tears that were being shed were tears of healing. Of peace. Of joy- finally. You see, my circumstances could have been so much worse. As it is, I have a wonderful, blessed, mighty Saviour- the Lord ALMIGHTY is His name. I have a family who loves me. I live in a lovely house on property that I adore. I am part of a church family that feels truly more like family then just fellow church members. I am surrounded by friends across the country, both those I have met already and those whom I would like to meet, who have been keeping my family and I in prayer. We have always had food on our table and the lights on, even when money has been tight. I’ve been given the gift of music. The healing that has come from playing my instruments has been invaluable to me. As I have played, picked, and strummed, I could almost feel the joy and peace beginning to build inside. Thank you, Lord.

The Lord is leading me on a new journey. One of thankfulness…of joy. My prayer is for Him to continue to reveal the many things He has blessed me with each and every day, and that I will stop and be *truly* thankful. Count your blessings… name them one by one….

My dearest mama has inspired me to begin my list of blessings. If you recall, I had begun something similar towards the beginning of the year, but in the midst of everything that was happening, I let it slide. I’m planning on beginning again and this time, structuring it a bit differently. =]

I want to encourage you to count your blessings. God has blessed us immensely and continues to do so day after day. It’s up to us to stop and really open our eyes to the joy God has poured into our lives.

Many blessings to you, my dear friend.

I would love to hear from you! =]