It’s the little things…

I am being reminded anew of just how much the little things matter. Sometimes, the smallest blessings are the ones that mean the most to us as years pass. They are a special reminder of a God who pays attention to the smallest details in our lives and orchestrates them perfectly before we are even born.

Since beginning my “one thousand gifts” project of recording blessings, it seems as if I’m noticing more detail-blessings I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. In addition, I think it is causing me to remember that each day is truly a gift. We are not promised tomorrow, or even the next hour or minute. I think the frailty of our lives here on earth really hit home when we went to visit with my great-grandmother this past week. Growing up, I’ve always seen my parents, grandparents and other adults around me as being somewhat “indestructible”. Perhaps it is simply the way a child looks at the world.

As we were visiting with her, talking with her, helping her with a few things that needed to be done, I was reminded again and again that we wouldn’t have her forever. She was talking about my grandmother off-and-on, and about other family members who had passed on over the years. Each time, it was as if my grandmother’s death had happened just yesterday. Once more the pain was so sharp I could literally feel it in my heart. Mama asked me if I was okay later and I couldn’t stop crying for a while as we talked. Later on, as I was remembering the morning, I began to think back to the book and on how we should be thankful for the little things.

Number 11 in my blessings book: Having the opportunity to sit and hold my great-grandmother’s hand. I realize I am one of very few people who still have a great-grandparent living. What a gift! I knew God was telling me through my mama that day and later on remembering about the book that I wasn’t supposed to dwell on the “what-ifs” and traumatic circumstances of earlier this year. It has been a rough year for me, the hardest I remember thus far for a multitude of reasons. But, God calls me to trust Him, even when I don’t fully understand His plans and purpose. Each day is a walk of faith as I seek what He would have me to do. And you know what? Even when things seem as if they can’t possibly get any worse, there are blessings in abundance. We need to be focusing on the blessings. Count your blessings one by one….

If you would like to follow along my journey of counting one thousand gifts (and beyond, Lord willing!), I have set up a Tumblr photo blog page. I’m recording some of the blessings through photo blogging in addition to keeping my notebook. You can visit by clicking here. I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see all of the blessings the Lord has given to me. <3 Have you opened your eyes to the blessings God has given you? I would encourage you to count your blessings as well. It is amazing to see how they will grow! Many blessings to you, special friend. <3 ~Courtney

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