Holding down the fort…

So, a couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to the Creation Museum. The day after we returned, Mom and Daddy left for a last-minute business trip to Texas, which meant we, the LamKidz, were holding down the fort while they were away. =D

I was telling a friend at church that we were going to “partay” while my parents were out of town for a different trip. She responded with “I know how y’all “partay”…you go and get several Little Caesar’s pizzas and ice cream and make sure everybody gets to bed on time!”.

She knows us really well. =]

In addition to following the normal routine and unpacking most everything from the trip to OH/KY (except for my suitcase- but more on that in a later post), one night, we went and got several Little Caesar’s pizzas for dinner and put the kids to bed on time. On another night, we even invented an ice cream-less chocolate milkshake using our Ninja blender. Quite the party, eh? =D

We did take some time to webcam with Mama and Daddy while they were at their hotel:

Which, while the internet was behaving, was great fun. The littles always think it is amazing to see Mama and Daddy on the computer screen. =] (and yep, that’s my laptop. It wouldn’t be my laptop without the Ron Paul sticker! =]) When my parents are out of town, we try to webcam quite a bit so that the littles can “see” them and talk to them throughout the day like they usually do. We love technology.

All in all, while they were gone, the house stayed clean, the laundry and dishes continued to run, nothing got broken and nobody got hurt. We’ll call that a success. =]

Many blessings to you on this Tuesday evening!
~Miss Court

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