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I’ve been painting quite a bit- mainly still plugging away at a little project my dad is putting together. I’ve been enjoying it immensely, but there have been many moments of sadness.

My grandmother was an incredibly talented artist, and she left us a wonderful legacy of pictures she had drawn and painted over the years. As a result, we inherited many of her art supplies. For months now, ever since she passed, they had been sitting in a box. The thought of even looking through them again was so very painful.

Finally, a week or so ago, in need of a particular brush and some additional paint colors, I went and opened the box. Each and every item was still packed just the way they were when we were packing up her house.

Looking through the box, the thoughts and memories swirling in my head as I remembered once again she wouldn’t be using those brushes, pencils or paints any more…. it was almost too much to bear.

As I was discussing these feelings with Mom, she told me many, many times that Grandmommy would have wanted us to use those things. She always encouraged us to pursue our artistic endeavors and would bring us art supplies nearly every time she came out to visit. This past Christmas, many of us received fully-stocked art boxes full of supplies for use in the art class we attend each week. She loved painting and drawing and was so excited that we were interested in a hobby she was passionate about. Part of the legacy that she left us was a love of creating pictures and drawings….. capturing life the way we see it and putting it upon paper.

The knowledge that each and every item I touched had been in her hands, helping her create her artwork… in some strange way, just touching those brushes and paints, it felt like I was closer to her. I regret so much not asking her more questions about her pictures or asking what inspired her to paint or draw each one.

Still looking through the box, as I came upon a particular paint palette, a special memory came to mind.

I remember going to stay with her over the weekend. On that Saturday morning, after we made breakfast, she told me we were going to have a picnic lunch and paint afterwards in a local park. We packed our picnic basket and painting supplies and started out!

We must have been quite the unusual sight. Both of us were wearing old paint-covered clothes and ball caps, and I was wearing one of her old jackets because I had left mine at home. As I was still quite a young-un (11 years old! =]), it swallowed me! =D

Our subject for the painting was my teddy bear, Olivia. =]

She was teaching me how to use acrylic paints, and had purchased us both matching paint palettes and acrylic paint tools. We had paint all over everything! I love thinking back to this adventure because it was so spur-of-the-moment and yet incredibly fun as well. I giggle thinking back to how we must have looked carrying that much stuff into a park and wearing the super-old clothes besides. Grandmommy always had some sort of adventure or big plan- I truly believe there was absolutely nothing that she couldn’t have done if she set her mind to it. <3

…back to the art box…

As I neared the bottom of the box, I found what I had been looking for- watercolour paint.

A meaningful discovery was that Grandmommy had written in the names of the paint colors above each section. I smiled as I ran my fingers across the writing- each name written by hand in ink brought a smile. I would know her handwriting anywhere, and it was a bitter-sweet delight to see it today.

In addition to the project for my dad, one of the painting projects I have been working on lately has been a completion of a picture my grandmother had sketched out but never finished. Here is her original sketch:

And the painting thus far:

It still has quite a ways to go, but it is amazing to think that this is a picture we have worked on together. <3 I'm so glad God allows us memories of the ones we love so very dearly. It helps ease the pain when I recall those special times.

2 thoughts on “{the paint box}

  1. Oh sweetheart, how special. {{Hugs}} I’m glad you have these precious memories of time spent with your grandmother to cherish. Im’ sure she was so happy and proud of you and your love of artwork. :) You have a beautiful talent. I think that “capturing life” gets into every single one of your photographs too… 😀

    I’m sorry it’s still so hard for you to see her things as you miss her so much, and I pray in time the pain will cease to be as painful and the joy of the memories will be brighter instead. :) Thank you for sharing your heart and these precious moments of your sweet grandmother with us. <3

    {And in the future I'm excited to see what you and your dad have been working on!}

    Love and many blessings to you,

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