True Story: I wore my bedroom slippers to church last week

or, A Recap of Events from the Past Couple of Weeks. You can choose the title. =]

This past Sunday, I was horrified to look down at my feet and realize I had worn my blue fuzzy bedroom slippers to church. Typically, I’ll wear them on Sunday mornings until it is time to go, and then I’ll change shoes when I grab my Bible to walk out the door. This past week, however, I got my Bible, but neglected to remember to change shoes. It happened. The fulfillment of one of my biggest fears.

There wasn’t time to go home and change before the service started, so on they stayed for our service and fellowship meal. Although my pride was severely wounded, I can definitely say that my feet were really comfortable! I might just be tempted to do it on purpose sometime…. not. =] I’m really blessed with a very understanding church family and received no teasing whatsoever. They are truly the bestest. <3 Two weeks ago, Monday came and I began teaching my younger siblings piano again. They are working really hard on their pieces and are working diligently to move through their books. It is such fun to see their faces light up as they understand each new concept!

And so, the piano has been going fairly non-stop lately, because two days later, on Wednesday, I began taking piano lessons again from one of our favorite piano teachers. I was so excited to start lessons again! I warned her beforehand on the phone about how “sloppy” my playing would probably be, but she remained insistent that it would be just fine. =] At my lesson, she told me my note reading was still fairly good, but that my fingering needed quite a bit of work. She made me little notes on the piece we are working on, so I have been working through it slowly this week in the process of re-training my fingers to play correctly.

Would it be too much to say again how excited I am to be furthering my piano studies?? =]

What else have we been up to? Well, there have been a few trips to the big library somewhat close to where we live- I may or may not have checked out quite a few different materials. I love libraries. =]

I also made some time to work on a few calligraphy projects for the back of my bedroom door. I keep a collection of inspirational quotes, song lyrics, etc. on the back of the door so that I can keep them close at hand for review. These particular quotes were from Pinterest:

The back of the door:

And you can’t work on a crafting project without eating a snack, right? =]

Mama and Daddy went out of town for the past couple of days, so the siblings and I have been keeping the house going and taking time to do some fun things as well. Jacob provided tacos for dinner Friday night and Josh brought pizza in Saturday night:

Friday night, we watched a favorite movie of ours, The Princess Bride. Josh recently put surround sound in our family room, so it made for quite the epic and memorable viewing experience, that’s for sure. =]

Then there were the oreo milkshakes that we may or may not have made two nights in a row. I’m not admitting to anything though……=]

We also tried to webcam a couple of times, but I think the internet was having some issues and it wasn’t working quite as well as it ought to have. We had fun anyways.

It’s definitely been a memorable couple of weeks. I love seeing how God opens different doors and opportunities as we seek what He would have us do. Life around here is always an adventure, that’s for sure! God is good, all the time. =D

Many blessings to all of you, dear friends. I pray this Sunday has been one of rest and blessed peacefulness for each one of you. <3 Love, ~MiSs CoUrTnEy

7 thoughts on “True Story: I wore my bedroom slippers to church last week

  1. I just loved reading about the “fuzzy blue slippers!” When I was in the 1st grade, Mom bought me some Sunday shoes. One morning before school, I was wearing them around the house, and when I got to school, I looked down to discover I had on one school shoe and one Sunday shoe. Terribly embarrassed at that age, and had to go home to change.

  2. Hehe, I am surprised the slipper thing hasn’t happened to me before, I have such scattered “last minute” moments before heading out the door! 😉

    I’m SOO, so happy you and your family have been enjoying peaceful family times together! Aren’t those just precious? Oreo milkshakes are THE best…yummy. And great choice of movie too – that’s one of our family favorites as well.

    I love your door collage of quotes and such! It’s so beautiful! 😀 I like to do that too. I only have a few right now, framed actually, but also between my mirror and my bookcase on little 3X5 cards and pretty note papers. It really does help to have inspiration scriptures and quotes in eye’s sight throughout the day. 😀

    {I recieved your letter in the mail. Thank you for the sweet little bookmarks! I used one to mark my Anne of Green Gables series book that I’m currently reading. <3}
    Sweet blessings, friend!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the friend request on Facebook! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t visited your little corner of the web before; I’m sure glad I stopped by today! The fuzzy blue slippers story…hehehe! I don’t care for slippers so if I accidentally got out of the house without my Sunday shoes I would be walking into church barefoot. Which would be so.embarrassing. 😀
    I am also quite pleased with the “Ron Paul 2008” sticker on the back of the laptop. HOOORAY for another Ron Paul fan! :-) I’m looking forward to getting to know you a little better.

    Have a delightful day! <3


  4. HA! HA! HA! HA! Can’t stop laughing ….. only because I can somewhat relate!!!! When I worked as a personal assistant for the owner/president of a large corporation, I went to work one day wearing 1 black shoe & 1 navy shoe :-( Normally it would not have been a big deal; I could have easily hidden my feet under my desk. However, on this particular day, I had a board meeting that I attended – first serving breakfast to the (snooty, high-falutin’) board members, then I attended the meeting serving espressos (yes, I did!) and taking meeting minutes. My bossed teased me relentlessly.

  5. I am so glad I’m not the only one that has done some form of this!! =] I felt really bad about it for quite some time. I was even wearing a black skirt, so it was clashing colors as well, LOL! =]

    @Mrs Colle – I loved reading your story about the one school shoe and one church shoe- that sounds like something I would to too! =]

    @Mrs Brown- It’s not too late to start the teasing if you would like. I’m far enough out from doing it now that I would find it quite amusing. =D

    @Rachel – I’m so glad to hear you like your bookmarks! Hopefully, they will serve you (and your books, *smile*) well for many years to come. I’ll be looking forward to receiving your return letter! =] Oh, and I can definitely relate to the index cards being stuck around as well- I’ve got five hanging up beside the kitchen sink and a post-it note hanging on my bathroom mirror to see each day. =]

    @Melinda – I’m so glad you stopped by my blog! I too look forward to getting to know you better. And yes, Ron Paul is the bestest! I just wish there were more politicians like him. =]

    @Mrs Ervin – Ok, so I was giggling when I read your comment. I’m impressed you went ahead and finished up the meeting and such- I think I’d call in sick. 😉 Thank you for sharing your story with me! =]

    Have a blessed evening, all of y’all! =] ~Courtney

  6. Hi Miss Courtney,

    I found your blog via Pinterest and have enjoyed scrolling through several posts. I’m also a new follower!

    I’m sure your siblings enjoy being taught by their older sister. :-) I’ve been playing piano for seven years, and my sister, Bethany, has been playing for five. She’s also just begun teaching my youngest brother to play, as well.

    God bless you!

    His Princess,

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