New Scripture Print

There’s a new scripture print up in the shop! =]

If you are interested in placing an order, my supplier, Red Bubble, actually has a free shipping code for any size order when you use the coupon code “GIFTTIME”. It’s only good for today (January 27).

You can click the picture below to go and visit the shop.

I hope that all of you have had a wonderfully blessed day! =]

Exercise, swing dancing, and cold in the Heart of Dixie.

This year, one of the things that I purposed to do was to spend more time exercising. I knew I wanted to pick back up running, which I’ve now been doing since January 1st, but I also knew I would need to do some sort of muscle toning as well. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do exactly, but a friend of mine who lives in Montana suggested something she had found on Pinterest, called planking. Planking, my friends, is more difficult than it sounds. I didn’t realize my lack of muscles until I started four days ago! My friend and I are exercise accountability partners now, and it has been nice to know there is someone else exercising with you. It’s a lot harder to put it off if you know someone is checking to be sure you did it! =] I’m thankful for the Lord’s provision for this area in my life, and I look forward to seeing what milestones my friend and I cross as we work through this challenge. =]

In the meantime, the running is beginning to get easier. Except when it is cold. REALLY cold. We have a few days of single digit temperatures down here in the sunny south, and it was so VeRy *COLD* for this southern gal! I kept up the running anyways, but I know the neighbors must have thought I had lost my marbles, especially when it started flurrying on me! =] I have found that my ski band is my new best friend, because as long as my ears stay warm, the cold is tolerable, even for running.

And you really can’t beat the view from down there at the goat shed and lake.

Yes, that IS a HUGE ice chunk floating on the lake!!

Another new and exciting development is that we began attending dance classes this past week. The first class and the next one coming up are for swing dancing, which has been a lot of fun. A lot of the songs we were dancing to are favorites of mine anyway, since that is the genre of music I listen to the most! =] Dancing is definitely not my specialty. I’m thankful that my partners were really patient, because it takes a while for me to “get it”, LOL! =]

I would have never pictured me doing this at this time last year. Dancing is something that I hadn’t really been comfortable with, up until the ball that my brother and I attended last year. My mama encouraged me to go to that, as she thought it would be good for me. She was right. =] I’m so glad she encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new, because dancing has become one of my new favorite things. I’m definitely looking forward to the next class!

Oh, and random fact #450785: If they play the songs “Stupid Cupid” or “In The Mood” during your swing dancing class, said songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. =]

And then there has been my favorite happening of this week thus far. My birthday cowboy boots finally arrived at the local western wear store!!!

These are my first real pair of cowboy boots. I had purchased an inexpensive pair last year from Target that I wore so much, I wore them out. I actually ended up injuring my left foot because I was wearing the worn-out boots, and was limping for a few weeks in March. Not pleasant, but I *so* loved those boots. =] I’m very excited to have a real-deal, all-leather pair now! They’ve pretty much not left my feet since I got them home, and I would have worn them home from the store, except that it was pouring rain and I didn’t want to mess them up. It was a perfect way to start the new year, y’all. =]

What else have we been doing?

Well, the home construction is continuing on. We have nearly finished building our big resource closet in the basement, and our dear contractor has almost finished all of the exterior work to be done on our house, so we will, the Lord willing, be starting our new kitchen, dining room and family room next week. It’s hard to believe it is so close to getting that started!

One of my special projects this past week has been running the wet saw for the tile. Mama marks the tile and then I cut them, so we have a system going. This is the finished resource closet floor:

And I’ve been on vacuum cleaner repair. =]

The Lord has been gracious to us, and faithful as always. I’m so very thankful for the ways He shows His hand at work during the everyday happenings. =]

‘Till next time, my dear friend. <3 ~Miss C

An exciting new adventure…

I had been praying for specific direction over what the Lord might have me do during this coming year. I didn’t want to make any specific “resolutions”, but I did want to be moving forward with purpose-filled and meaningful projects, as well as continuing to further my education while living here at home with my family.

I will be continuing my piano studies for sure, and I have 6 college classes lined up thus far for the year; the first of which started today. I’m officially booking appointments for my photography business, I started running again for the first time since June of last year (it started snow flurrying on me today! =]), I’m continuing to work for the mobile veterinarian (has it really been 3 years since I started that??), I’m working on a reading list, we’re making progress as a family with our house renovation projects, and we’re getting back into a regular school routine for the younger Lamberts. Errands are being ran, art class is being attended. Delicious new recipes are being tried, and the sounds of laughter are filling our home once more…. God is good.

Meditations of His Love: a devotional blog for young ladies

A month or so ago, a new friend of mine, Melinda, asked if I might be interested in writing articles for “Meditations of His Love”, a website for Christian young ladies. After praying and seeking the Lord’s direction in the matter, I felt a peace about officially joining the team, as the social media manager and a regular writer. =]

As Melinda and I continued to write back and forth discussing details, I started getting more and more excited. I could hardly wait for January 1st to get here so that I could get started!

I know that the Lord sent this opportunity at the perfect time, and I am very much looking forward to seeing where He leads on this exciting new adventure. If you would like to learn more about Meditations of His Love and meet the rest of the team, you can click here.

Many blessings to all of y’all!

I feel like such an insomniac…

I’m continuing to update the blog, and as I work down the list of recent happenings, one of the most recent events in my life was having my wisdom teeth removed.

It has been a procedure that has been looming on the horizon for the past several years. We knew from an x-ray taken several years ago that my wisdom teeth were all mostly sideways and would need to come out. My parents decided that it was time for them to come out back in mid-November, so we set the date and made it official. =S

I went for the orientation, and they told me what to expect with the procedure, told me to stock up on lots of soft foods and make sure I got plenty of rest.

Mid-December came, and with it, my surgery date. The closer it came, the more I worried about it. The thought of the procedure itself wasn’t scaring me as much as being put to sleep for the first time and having my first IV put in. I wasn’t really sure what to expect in that regard, and it was really starting to bother me. Mama was very encouraging to me and was praying peace and comfort as the day approached.

The night before, I emailed some friends of mine and asked for them to keep me in prayer. Even sitting in the waiting room I received a message from a dear friend of mine in Georgia letting me know she was praying for me right then. I can’t even begin to describe what a blessing it is for other Christians to be keeping you in prayer. It felt like the Lord, through the church, had wrapped His arms around me and was keeping me calm. Mama told me later she was praying for me during the surgery while she was waiting on them to finish the procedure.

When the nurse came to get me to go and get everything started, I was starting to tense back up, and I was really cold. They told me beforehand I would need to wear a short-sleeve shirt so that they could put in the IV and put on the blood pressure cuff, so I was really cold going into the surgery room. The entire nursing staff was so sweet and immediately starting asking me different questions and making sure I was settled before they began. It took them a few minutes to find my pulse on the heart rate monitor because I had gotten so cold, which would have been comical if I wasn’t about to have surgery! =] When they popped the IV in and put the blood pressure cuff on, Dr. A came in and asked me if I had enjoyed a nice, big breakfast. I realized he was joking and laughed, because I wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat after midnight the night before. He then told me he had seen me on TV the previous week for the Sound of Music special- “You know, because your hair is braided and everything. I guess I had you confused with Carrie Underwood. Did you do that yourself?”. =] He had quite the sense of humor!

I don’t really remember anything after that, until I woke up midway through the surgery. I opened my eyes and realized there was a blue cloth over the top of my head, and I could hear people talking over me. I moved my arm a little bit, and I guess they must have given me more medicine to sleep, because I remember praying that I wouldn’t hear them pull out the tooth, and drifting back off.

Finally, I remember someone calling my name, asking if I was ok, and helping me up out of the chair and into a wheelchair. This marked my first time to be in a wheelchair for an actual medical reason as well. I wasn’t expecting to not be able to stand up post-surgery for a little while! I’m guessing that was one of the side effects of the meds.

Once we picked up my medicine and went back home, I slept for hours and managed to completely ruin my normal sleeping schedule. For the first couple of days, I was able to sleep most of the day and sleep at night as well, but by the time I made it to Sunday, 3 days after surgery, I was feeling a bit better. I went up to church to count the money (I’m church treasurer) and came immediately back home and went to bed because I was so exhausted. That was a complete mistake!

For the first time in my life, I had a night of insomnia. Sure, there have been times before when I haven’t slept well, but this was the first time I’ve ever stayed up nearly all night.

It was a gift in many ways, as it provided many hours of peaceful conversation with the Lord. I found myself praying over my family, praying over our church, praying over my friends who live near and far, praying for direction over the coming year, &etc. At some point, the song “Fireflies” by Owl City popped into my head, and I realized I could sing the line “I feel like such an insomniac” and it be accurate for me. That was a rather interesting thought at 4:30 in the morning. =]

My favorite thing was the awesome ice pack I was given to keep ice on my face. It was so nice to be able to position the ice packs exactly where I was hurting, and all of that ice kept me from swelling too much.

Exhibit A: A selfie whilst wearing the ice pack

My least favorite thing was not being able to sing, smile, and laugh. I sing so much throughout the day that I think I probably drive my family crazy! Not laughing or smiling was really hard too. We enjoy cracking jokes and trading movie lines, and almost all of those jokes are accompanied with laughing. I would forget and start to smile or laugh and end up in quite a bit of pain. Not the best thing post-surgery! =]

Throughout the rest of the week and for several weeks following post-surgery, folks from our church and some friends from around the country have been emailing and messaging me to make sure I’ve been doing ok and don’t need anything. It’s so amazing how the body of Christ works.

And then there was this precious card from Emma. She brought it to me after I got home that day:

All in all, I am so very blessed. I’ve recovered completely from the surgery with no complications, my parent were there supporting, helping and praying for me as I recovered, I was able to see the body of Christ work once again and bring encouragement in a tough situation, and I now no longer have a wisdom teeth removal procedure looming in the future. I am a blessed gal indeed! Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words and prayers. <3