An exciting new adventure…

I had been praying for specific direction over what the Lord might have me do during this coming year. I didn’t want to make any specific “resolutions”, but I did want to be moving forward with purpose-filled and meaningful projects, as well as continuing to further my education while living here at home with my family.

I will be continuing my piano studies for sure, and I have 6 college classes lined up thus far for the year; the first of which started today. I’m officially booking appointments for my photography business, I started running again for the first time since June of last year (it started snow flurrying on me today! =]), I’m continuing to work for the mobile veterinarian (has it really been 3 years since I started that??), I’m working on a reading list, we’re making progress as a family with our house renovation projects, and we’re getting back into a regular school routine for the younger Lamberts. Errands are being ran, art class is being attended. Delicious new recipes are being tried, and the sounds of laughter are filling our home once more…. God is good.

Meditations of His Love: a devotional blog for young ladies

A month or so ago, a new friend of mine, Melinda, asked if I might be interested in writing articles for “Meditations of His Love”, a website for Christian young ladies. After praying and seeking the Lord’s direction in the matter, I felt a peace about officially joining the team, as the social media manager and a regular writer. =]

As Melinda and I continued to write back and forth discussing details, I started getting more and more excited. I could hardly wait for January 1st to get here so that I could get started!

I know that the Lord sent this opportunity at the perfect time, and I am very much looking forward to seeing where He leads on this exciting new adventure. If you would like to learn more about Meditations of His Love and meet the rest of the team, you can click here.

Many blessings to all of y’all!

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