Ice in Dixie?

(Continuing to try and catch the blog up… I’ve taken several pictures but haven’t sat down to actually write about them yet. Hopefully I’ll be all caught up soon! =] )

We received quite a shock a few weeks back. We had a snowstorm come through, bringing us 4+ inches of snow and lots of ice where the snow had melted a bit and then froze completely solid. God’s hand was clearly at work, and at the end, we all ended up home safe and sound. My dad and brother, Matthew, were working in Mississippi, so they were able to stay there and work until the worst of it blew over here. My other brother, Jacob, was at work when the roads began to freeze over, and he slid off the road in Blue Belle, our 1987 Chevy Suburban. We knew we wouldn’t be able to go and get him, as we were iced in as well. The Lord was working in a major way, and we remembered that a friend of ours, Mr. J, lives in the same town Jacob works in, so Jacob was able to walk to his house and stay there. Mr. J graciously allowed him to stay the night and was able to bring him home the next day in his 4-wheel-drive vehicle. Blue Belle didn’t even have a scratch, and the town there towed it to a public lot, where we were able to bring it home. I am so thankful the Lord kept everyone safe in what could have been a major life-threatening situation.

Tim and I ran down to the local corner store when it first started for some extra gas for our generators. It was almost fairytale-ish seeing the stores with a bit of snow. =]

By the time we made it back, it was really coming down!

The dreaded ice!! :p

And of course, I couldn’t resist a snow picture with the boots. 😉

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the snow…. the ice? Not so much. I feel blessed that the Lord sent us some snow. I loved taking pictures of it, and eating snow cream, and looking at the way the clouds looked as the first snowflakes began to fall. Despite the hardships caused by it’s arrival, the snow was a blessing, to be sure. <3

I would love to hear from you! =]