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♫ ♫ I’d rather waltz than just walk through the forest…the trees keep the tempo and they sway in time…♫ ♫

Life has been quite the journey over the past several weeks. We are continuing to work on falling into a routine before little Owen arrives, which will be just over 3 weeks from now. Time certainly flies!

We attended our final waltz class a couple of weeks back. Our teachers ran everyone back through the waltz, the foxtrot, and swing dancing. The waltz itself went much better this week, as I had a couple of really good partners, and I was more familiar with the dance itself. It’s so much more enjoyable when you know more what it is you are supposed to be doing! The foxtrot was comical though, as I had missed both foxtrot classes. I told my partner I didn’t know how to foxtrot, and he responded that he didn’t know how to do the foxtrot either, so we ended up waltzing through the foxtrot portion. It was rather funny! =] The swing dancing went the best, and it was my favorite dance of the night. Because I was more comfortable with the actual footwork, I was able to do more of the “fancy” steps, and that was so much fun! I’m very much looking forward to taking more classes or having the opportunity to dance again. We did attempt to do the “Electric Slide” at our last ladies’ fellowship. :)

As you can see, we still have quite a ways to go. =D

We’re in the process of teaching Joshua swing dancing right now, and are hoping to attend a few Scottish Country dance classes over the next several months as well. I’m so glad Mama encouraged us (ok, me. =] ) to go out on a limb and try something new! Dancing is definitely one of my favorite new pastimes.

If you live in or have visited the Sunny South over the past week or so, you’ve probably noticed the bright green grass beginning to grow, and all of the gorgeous flowers that are blooming EVERYWHERE.



The green green grass of home

And then, if you’ve visited our home, you’ve probably noticed the dishes being washed periodically throughout the day. Our dishwasher decided to croak several weeks back, so we’ve been washing quite a few dishes lately. There is something so relaxing about washing each dish, piece by piece, and then seeing all of them sparkling and shiny and clean, all laid out on the towel to dry.

Here’s a few pictures that capture some of our life experiences over the past couple of weeks:

washing laundry

visiting with friends

finding super-long potato chips in the chip bag

picking the absolute squeakiest cart in all of Walmart (I *always* pick the loudest cart! :P)

brightening the kitchen with the aforementioned flowers

sisters <3

doing some night driving

buying new shoes

Then there was my health food purchase from a couple of nights ago. I’m blaming the peppermint pattie purchase completely on a friend of mine 😉 , but WOW were they good!! If you haven’t done it yet, go obtain a peppermint pattie, freeze it, then eat it. I promise you will not be disappointed! =D

Heading into the “health food” store

Oreos and peppermint patties. Can’t really go wrong with those! :-)

Oh, and how could I forget? We were so excited to look out the window this past week and see that our county’s pothole fixin’ division was out and doing some repairs on the major potholes down our road. That completely made our day!

The crew is out and at work!

Yesterday was a fun day spend out looking for a house for Joshua. Because he was recently elected to the Republican Executive Committee for our county, he is required to live in the county for the duration of his term. Josh and I, along with his special friend Kylie and her sister Lydia, went out all over the county to look for possible houses to rent or purchase. I couldn’t help but snap pictures throughout the day to photoblog our day (sorry to my instagram followers for blowing up your newsfeed! =]). It was so neat to see more of the county we call home! Here are some of my favorites from our travels:

Out exploring :)

Taking a picture at the first house

Lunch break!

Our county courthouse

Josh and Kylie taking a “selfie” outside of the courthouse

The whole group

Town square

Neat bits of history

Sawmeal Restaurant (we go here for our REC meeting every month. Some of the folks at the courthouse suggested checking the bulletin board here for house listings)

The chaperones! =]

We found our county’s radar-information-getter (I’m not sure what the technical term is)! :)

Frosty break

(At this point, we had the windows rolled down and the Beach Boys going full blast. I’m loving these upper 60’s low 70’s days! Absolutely perfect weather! =D)

Vegetable and plant stand closer to our end of town

Back on our end of the county <3

When we got home, there was the most gorgeous sunset. The sun was gently drifting down into the horizon- golden and shining and absolutely blissfully wonderful.

And with that, I’ll close for now. I pray that you have had a wonderful day thus far, and have a wonderful week to come. =]

~Miss Court

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