Good to be alive

Back once more with another story of grand and unusual adventures! :)

3 weeks ago found me taking another road trip with a couple of girlfriends to go and visit the Pie Lab in Greensboro, AL. We’ve been planning to head down there now for some time, and finally got our schedules to coordinate so that we could go.

Welcome to Greensboro, the Catfish Capital of Alabama!

We took some time to drive around and see some of the beautiful old homes in the area.

Because this was a historic district, many of the homes are historical landmarks, and a few of them were actually under restoration/renovation when we drove by.

Greensboro. Land of the free, home of the….. dinosaurs?? Do you spy our dino friend in the pic below?

Some of the really cute sights of Downtown Historic Greensboro:

(I love horseshoes. :) )

And old buildings.

Be still my <3

Found in one of the little shops

We’re here! :)

It was such a cute place.


They serve their drinks in mason jars. <3 <3 <3


I ordered a piece of peanut butter chocolate pie- it was SO good!

The Pie Lab was really a neat place. It is a historical building that has been restored, and their goal is to bring more conversation and social life to Greensboro, all while serving delicious pie. It was a delight to visit, and I definitely hope to go back at some point.

After finishing our pie, we headed off to our next adventure….

Driving through miles of Alabama farmland

to Uniontown, AL, home of the closest stockyard to us.

This was my first time to visit a stockyard, and WOW was it interesting. We watched several cows and calves be sold, and then we went out on the catwalk overlooking the stock for sale or in the process of being sold.

Told y’all I’ve got a thing for horseshoes. :)

After staying at the stockyard for a while, we drove through miles and miles of Alabama farmland, checked out some more historic houses

And landed in Newberne, AL, home of Auburn University’s Rural Studio.

Rural Studio is an undergrad program offered by Auburn University for the architecture students there. One of the biggest projects they have been working on lately is something called the $20k houses. These are houses that can be built for $20,000, and all of them feature a built-in tornado shelter. They have a lot more information on their website here.

The next couple of pictures are of the housing that the students live in, called the “pods”.

As it would turn out, Rural Studio is responsible for quite a bit of renovations going on in downtown Newberne as well.

Here is a little peak at the inside of their classroom building, located on the main street that runs through Newberne:

I’ve always been super-interested in the study of architecture, so I really loved seeing all of the house models in the classroom there:

Afterwards, we wandered into the old-fashioned general store located next door, and I purchased an old-style vintage looking Sprite in a glass bottle. More on the Sprite later. :)

When we finished up, we drove miles and miles through Alabama farmland,

saw a rainbow,

and the Lord kept us safe through our return travels. Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

(More posts to come… still quite a bit behind! :) )

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  1. Really enjoyed your little trip through your pictures. Loved looking at the beautiful homes. And the Pie Lab?!?! Wow! I’d love to visit that place. How I do love pie!!! Thanks for sharing your little journey.

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