Good to Me

There are some weeks when I am utterly overwhelmed with thankfulness at all of the many blessings the Lord pours out over me.

Each day here lately seems to bring one unexpected blessing after another. The past couple of weeks have been very busy and long for me, but the Lord has been gracious to see me through and send some (as friend put it last night) amazing “hugs from God”.

Here’s one example. =]

I had written to a dear friend to ask for her to be praying over a situation I have been working through, and it was mentioned in the email that I was on the lookout for a decent banjo and a piano accordion (a 120 bass if possible!). I had been praying that the Lord would bring a good deal on the accordion especially, because when I was looking online, an accordion was not in my current price range. It is something that I had hoped to play for quite some time, but figured I would be waiting for a while to find one in good condition that fit the budget.

She emailed me back and said that she had an accordion in the closet they were looking to get rid of, and that she would bring it to church the next day for me to look at and see if I liked it.

I was absolutely shocked and amazed….and didn’t really sleep that night because I was **so** very excited. =]

When we opened it up there at church, I was amazed again- it was the very type of accordion I had been hoping to purchase, and it was absolutely gorgeous!

When we got home from church, you can guess what I started playing with right away…

Meet Stella:

Thought I’ve seen and heard an accordion being played and routinely listen to accordion polka music, I had no clue where to start. I got online and did a little research, and then I was able to start figuring out how to play VERY BASIC songs, mostly by ear. Thank you to whoever decided that the “C” button should be indented to help figure out where you are on the left side of the accordion. You are awesome.

Here’s a couple of clips (sorry in advance…just starting out here. :)):

(Make sure you click the video again to pause it after watching, otherwise, Instagram will have it playing in a loop.)

Learning around working today. :) This is going to be so much fun.

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Figuring out "It's A Small World". :)

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I can’t wait to start really learning the fingering patterns for the left hand side. I think this is going to be a grand adventure, and I am so excited to finally be getting started! =]

late-night practice session….learning the chicken dance. Thank you, YouTube. =])

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  1. Good for you catching up…be sure you chronicle your newest adventure too- maybe to post later?!?! :o) I’m thinking a little church polka music would be fun!
    Love, Mrs. C

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