{change in the air}

I can feel it whispering in the breeze that is blowing through my hair as I sit typing this in my backyard. I see it in the changing colors of the day as autumn begins to show signs of it’s arrival.

2015-09-11 15.53.09

This year has brought so many changes to my life. It’s hard to remember exactly everything that has happened, but it is wondrous to know that our Creator-God knows all and that He set everything into motion before time even began.

He has sent so many different situations- some good, and some that seemed bad, but ultimately were brought into my life for further growth and sanctification.

This year, I’ve met so many new people, and have had to say goodbye to folks. The Lord has blessed me with a few of the absolute dearest and sweetest people to count amongst my family and closest friends- they are the ones who have sat up talking to me late at night, often stopping what they were doing to pray for me as I’ve worked through different situations. I don’t feel deserving of all the blessings God has continued to shower upon me, even when it felt as if every drop of good had been taken from me. You know who you are, dearest family and friends of mine. I feel so blessed that the Lord brought you into my life. I’m underserving of your kindred-spirit friendship and care. Thank you for laughing, crying, and praying for me through my life, especially over this past year.

I thought I was headed in a particular direction earlier this year, and felt a peace about where the Lord was leading. Just yesterday, I realized that course was going to make quite the turn, and I am thankful for the Lord already beginning to prepare my heart for the change. That doesn’t mean that it will be easy as I embark on this new path, but I know He has already worked it out, and I need only to trust in Him and in His sovereignty.

In many ways, I’m standing at another crossroads in my life. I’m praying for direction over what the Lord would have me to do next, whether it just be to take a while and simply rest, or if I am to immediately begin on a new adventure. On one hand, I look forward to seeing what’s next, and on the other, I’m almost feeling “skeered” over all the “what ifs”. It’s another case of me needing to lay down my uncertainties at the feet of our Saviour and just rest, truly rest, in Him.

Life is amazingly complex in all of it’s twists and turns. We see but mere threads in the greater tapestry of God’s entire plan, and yet, still, each one is amazing and full and vibrant all on it’s own. I am looking forward to seeing what God continues to do in this change of seasons.

He is good, all the time. <3

~Miss Court