Tutorial: Do-It-Yourself Personalized Mug

Hello to you on this beautiful Monday afternoon! =] Today, I would like to share a tutorial for making a dishwasher and microwave-safe personalized mug. It’s really easy, and costs just under $5.00 to make! All you need to get started are the following materials:

A plain glass mug (I got mine from the Dollar Tree)
A glass paint pen (around $3.00 at Hobby Lobby- less if you have a 40% off coupon. =])
Glass cleaner
Cookie sheet or pie pan… just something to bake the mug on.
An oven

Without further ado:

First, take your mug, and thoroughly wash it to remove any excess dirt.

Next, wipe down the entire outer surface of the mug with glass cleaner to prep the glass for the paint.

Now, take your paint pen

and press it down firmly on a flat surface to get the paint started.

Here comes the fun part! Using the paint pen, decorate the outside of the mug however you wish. I’m a fan of big band music, so I used it for my theme. I’m planning on making more with Bible verses and book quotes next. =]

Place the mug on your cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 375^F. for 45 minutes.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BAKE YOUR MUG WITHIN 4 HOURS OF DECORATING THE OUTSIDE. If you don’t bake it within 4 hours, your mug will not be dishwasher safe. =]

Pull out of the oven and allow to cool.

Then, give it a good wash and…

….make a good steamy mug of coffee to enjoy! =]

That’s it! You’re finished! Enjoy your new handcrafted creation, or make a special gift for a friend- the possibilities are endless. =]

Have a blessed day!
~Miss Court

Frugal Friday!

My Frugal Friday tip is Ribbon Bookmarks. You can make these for under 25 cents!

First, you cut a length of ribbon about 10-20 inches long. Coat each end of the ribbon with clear nail polish or Aileen’s Craft Glue. Slide a bead onto the ribbon, then fold in half. Tie a knot under where your bead is.

Here is a picture to demonstrate:

Now, tie knots about an inch from the bottom of each loose end.

You are finished!
Here is what they look like finished:

You can put beads on the bottoms if you would like, but that is optional.

For more great Frugal Friday tips, you can visit Mrs. Crystal at Biblical Womanhood.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for our family. We are having some issues right now and can really use some prayer.

Today I Am Thankful For:

Today I am thankful for the beautiful day we have outside and for our safety during the catastrophic storms that came through yesterday.

Scripture Meditation:
1 Kings 4:29
“Solomon’s Wisdom
29 God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore.”

Have a great day!